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April 09, 2015


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Melissa's Antiques

Hey - that's still exciting! I remember when I was contacted back in September from Warner Brothers and a prop buyer bought out all of my glass Shiny Brite ornaments and emailed me and inquired if I had any empty boxes. They all ended up in a Christmas episode of ABC Family's The Fosters and they were all prominently featured for the first 5 or so minutes of the show. I've also had a magazine editor buy Shiny Brites from me that ended up in a magazine, was promised credit, but didn't get any. That's as close as it gets for me... but still fun and exciting nonetheless.


Well if its any consolation, WE all will know exactly where those ribbons came from! So cool just to be in such an amazing and popular publication. Congrats!


Gina @VintageJunkinMyTrunk

You can put in your Etsy listing "as featured in Country Living Magazine!" Congrats!

laurie mapgie ethel

I am going to go grab my issue of CL and take a peak at YOUR ribbon..still totally cool. (bummer too with no Etsy link)

Into Vintage

Congrats on having your items on the pages of CL!! (and I totally get your disappointment at the oversight regarding the mention of your etsy shop.)

Have you considered asking them to include a link on their website or one of their FB posts? Then your fabulous vintage is just a click away...

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