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July 29, 2014


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Those annual type of sales are so hit and miss. The ones that I go to always seem to be the same people putting out the same junk that they couldn't unload last year. But at least you found some vintage Christmas. And homemade donuts?! Worth the trip right there :-)


Musings from Kim K.

Now that we have an a-frame cottage, I'm thinking maybe I need an antler chandelier? Normally, would have passed those up. Can't go wrong with vintage Christmas anytime of the year. Love those salt/pepper shakers.


Donuts + Vintage Christmas + time with your daughter = WORTH IT!

Once I spent about fifteen minutes hand lettering a super nice FREE sign to put on a large box at my yard sale. I planned on putting things init throughout the day. Approximately nine seconds after I placed the box at the end of the line of FOR SALE boxes, a lady drove up grabbed the FREE stuff IN the box WITH my sign and drove off. So, I kind of sympathize with the sign guy.

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