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April 27, 2014


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My vote is for the pedestal style! Post a pic of whatever you end up doing.

Good Luck with the next few weeks!



The pedestal option! And that suitcase is great. Too bad week three sucked. People can be so inconsiderate sometimes. ;-)

Musings from Kim K.

I like the pedestal style too and I love the idea of painting the wooden piece a jadeite color. As much as we live for Halloween at our house, you MUST use one of those frames for Halloween over the fireplace mantle. Brilliant.

Betty in Arlington

Interesting finds in week four! I like the idea of Option 2 glued together. Find colored balls or fruit and place on the mantle for the retro stunning look. As far as the frames, I found one just like it in the parent's basement. I painted it dark brown and made it look old with a sandpaper brick. Links stunning with a painting inside! Ditch the small, oval frame - no style! Check the suitcase for mold! Either ditch, or fumigate, leave in sun and use under a sofa table. Could be stunning or make you sick! Cheers!


I vote for the Pedestal style! (jadite would be pretty color for the wood piece between).


Pedestal + Jadeite Green= You cant go wrong :)

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