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September 18, 2013


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Melissa's Antiques

I would have LOVED to come across a sale like yours!


How could you NOT have a crowd of buyers for all those vintage ornaments? It's just crazy that you had nobody show up! I can only imagine all that old beautifully-aged glass on a huge artificial tree...with a 50's-style felt tree skirt. Maybe it's the wrong time of year for Christmas, despite what the retail stores keep telling us.


I wish I could have came to your sale! I would have helped clean with some of your clutter ;)


I would have come too! I spotted that angel that lights up and the two dancing santas, they would have been in my happy hands in two seconds!


Maybe it was the weather because it looks to me like you have plenty of cool stuff. I would have stopped at yours and driven past the ones with all the kids junk.
I've been taking stuff to the thrift store lately too. Getting the right kind of inventory is a learning process for sure!

Debra Ganas

What???? Please don't tell this is what you got rid of. I see lots of things I would have bought. Take it to a flea market.


This exact thing happened to me on Labor Day weekend. I was supposed to set up at my local flea market and then the weather forecast called for rain. I decided to have a garage sale (which never works for me either) and if the forecast changed go the flea market with the left overs. I think I got about 15 'shoppers' and made about $50.00. Also, the first day of the sale the weather was great and could have set up at the flea market but I had already locked into having a yard sale. I was defeated. I ended up donating most of the items to a thrift store and lotting up some other items to sell on Etsy or Ebay. I am still so depressed about it that I still have stuff on my front porch that I don't want to deal with. It still looks like I am having a sale.


Oh no!!! So much wonderful stuff. Have a flea market here on your site. List your items with a picture and price and if someone wishes to purchase it, they are also responsible for shipping and can PayPal you money. I've seen a couple like this and everything normally goes. What the heck can it hurt to try. :-)

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I think you need to have that garage sale in mid-August so I can attend! Pink Shiny Brites!


Sorry to hear you didn't have a good showing at your sale. It happens to us all though - a few of my attic sale stalls have made little more than my entry fee and fuel money. Chin up and good luck next time :)

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