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September 08, 2013


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Musings from Kim K.

Your daughter makes a beautiful model. Such great fabric and styles.


What a fun fashion show! I am also 100% positive that my family would have the same reaction to that doll.

Have a great week!



I'm in love with the yellow dress, and the red one, and that play suit is adorable! Your daughter looks great in all of them.
Hopefully Psycho Susie finds a loving new home soon. Not mine though, she scares the hell out of me! : )


Love the red stripe dress! I can't believe what great shape these vintage clothes are in. Great score. And, yeah, the doll is pretty creepy.

laurie magpie ethel

Crazy good deal on the vintage clothes and love the fashion show. Red, white and blue romper is a winner. (but not on my figure)


Good golly, I can't believe you got those dresses for $1 each - wowza!! I would have bought the doll, too. 8+)


Your nieces love the yellow, red and blue chiffon. The striped dress - paging Carol Brady! And you can keep the doll for Ms Grace when she returns. Ms Em is definitely the model with the most-est. Love, S, M, and K

Linda H.

Loved the fashion show! What a score those dresses were!!


I am DYING over those dresses. UGH. That will NEVER HAPPEN anywhere near where I live. I am at once insanely jealous and filled with hope that that sort of thing even still happens, ANYWHERE.

Also, that doll has teeth. *shudder*

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