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April 17, 2012


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Pattie Donahue

I do love that pretty tree! I have been collecting little Christmas trees for a few years now and would love to add this one to my growing collection.

Into Vintage

Wow - you absolutely had me at the body parts. Those are an incredible score and will surely be a popular item on etsy. Well done!

Melissa's Antiques

What a sweet little tree!! :)

I'm not collecting train or suit cases... but have somehow amassed enough of each for a collection. So easy to sell online, but hard to ship!


Thanks so much for the dresser scarf - yay me!! Must go on the record as saying I think the body parts are pretty cool and I'm glad you didn't leave them behind.

Poppy K

Hey! If you're interested in selling the heart/body parts models without having to wait until Halloween let me know what you'd be asking for it - I just might be interested.
-Poppy K
ps - I love, love, love seeing what you pick up at the annual Spring Clean-ups!

Tina-Marie Hamilton

The tree is a cutie! Love the bones collection, especially since it reminds me of Bones, the TV show. I am sooooo jealous; we do not have a spring clean up in Yorktown, Virginia, sigh...

Lisa W.

You have found the Visible Woman model ! My dad had the Visible Man model in his study when I was a very little girl. My brother and I were just a little bit afraid of it. We would be watching our Saturday afternoon monster movies and it would be staring down at us from the shelf right over the t.v. ..... spooky ! What fun ! Thanks for reminding me of that .

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