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October 12, 2010


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Sara Darling

I remember as a kid ordering something advertised as "100 dolls for x dollars (something cheap)" from the back of a comic book and being very disappointed when a box of small pink plastic dolls like the ones you posted showed up in the mail. Now I think they would look rather cute in craft projects but as a seven year old who like color they were not fun!


I think that sometimes the ladies on the vintage fabric board say those round fabric thingys are for keeping rolls warm? Or maybe it was holding curlers? LOL I cant seem to remember and they come up quite often.

acorn hollow

I think the pink fabric is for curlers. and the plastic people would be super cute cupcake toppers. That is my guess anyway. Have a great day.


http://www.adstocollect.com/servlet/the-1102/1970's-Color-Ad-100/Detail Yes, it is 100 Dolls for a Dollar. I can see a child's disappointment but I think they look pretty cool!


Either rolls or curlers sound plausible to me. If it were quilted, I'd guess a casserole carrier (so you could take your dish-to-pass to the ladies' luncheon).

Into Vintage

I thought the bag might be for curlers too ... trying to remember what my mother kept hers in. And I seem to recall having some of those little pink figures on a birthday cake way back when. They're awfully darn cute.


The round fabric case is a casserole carrier. I have the pattern for one just like it. I'm surprised it doesn't have handles on it though.


I can't believe I came across this blog with the 100 little dolls for $1.00! I had ordered these through the mail when I was younger and I loved them! Just the other week I was thinking about them and wishing I had them still. When we moved, my mother had tossed alot of our things and these were one of the casualties.

I keep my eyes open at thrift stores for them and have never come across them. It's good to know they are out there somewhere, and maybe someday I'll find them.

Secret Pepper Person

WOW! Blast from the past! I remember 100 dolls. I can't remember if i had them though...this would have been in the early 60's though....


What a surprise - I have been looking for those pink plastic dolls (aka "100 dolls") on etsy and ebay! My Grandmother had those at her house when I was small and I remember playing with them - a kind of equivalent to those little green soldiers they had for boys, I guess.

I would love to buy a few of the dolls to be included a memory collage to honor my Grandmother. Will you be selling some of them ?



Hi Sally
Can you send me your e-mail address?

Sally Moore

Not sure if this is how I should do this, but,
my e-mail address is strlngslvrs@aim.com

Sorry in the delay, my mom passed away on 17 October.

I've just now remembered to view your blog to see if you responded.
Thanks for your response.


I have a casserole carrier that is somewhat similar to this, except it is quilted, has handles and a split to make the circle opening expand big enough to allow the casserole dish inside. Yours can't be a casserole carrier, because the opening isn't big enough.
Curler pouch, lingerie washing bag, or something along those lines is more like it.

Sharlene Hudson

I ordered these little dolls from the back of a magazine when I was a kid. The ad was "100 little dolls for $1.00" and this is what I received. I still have them.

The Spangler

Ooh... those pink little dolls are just divine! Not sure if they ever had them over here in Australia? @Sharlene... let me know if you ever want to part with them - I'd love to purchase a set!
The Spangler @
The Quick Unpick


Do you still have those dolls? I would LOVE to buy them from you. My daughter would absolutely adore them. Would you consider selling them?
catpaskett at gmail dot com


Hi Camille
Unfortunately, I don't have those dolls anymore, and, boy, do I wish I could find more. I sold them last fall on Etsy. If I do find more, they'll be in my shop and I'll blog about it too.


My grandfather bought me a set of 100 dolls when I was around 8 or 9. I still have them and the box. I loved them and still do! As a kid, I was really into patterns, designs, etc. I loved to use those dolls for that - in fact, I think I'll go play with them now!


I have 100 Little Dolls. Brand new, still in the box, with the advertisement too. lori@neonnits.com

Gina Phelps

I am thrilled to see this blog. I have been looking for these dolls forever! My grandmother ordered them for me and though I was initially disappointed when they arrived, I played with them so much. I am 50 now and would love to have them.


I would love to purchase these for my 5 year old daughter she would love them! If anyone has any info please email me jgmwcs@gmail.com thx! Sophia

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