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April 07, 2010


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I was a child of the 60's don't believe I ever heard of the knit o matic. I had the spool with the nails on the top. I would sit and "knit" with that and then wonder now just what do I do with this long knitted snake? I don't believe I ever saw a box for it. It was Passed down from a cousin.You have found a honey hole. I love the halloween things.

laurie magpie ethel

Great minds think alike. I did a post on old craft books and magazines today too. I am happy I never had a chance encounter with a knit-o-matic in my youth...i had enough trouble with the plain old fashioned knitting needles!


Those little walco kits are so cute.


well i just stumbled onto this web sight looking for info on knit o matic machine that i just got on ebay its says no instructions. so i though maybe i could find someone with a copy but . if there is someone out there with it please let me know if you could email me the instructions.
i know it was a stupid thing to do but i wanted to try it. many thanks carlene


Love you blog!
I'm a vintage kind of gal myself,telling everyone I plan to recreate my childhood through e-bay/yard sales/thrift stores.
I had a knit-o-matic when I was a kid.
So glad to know I'm not the only one who couldn't get the darn thing to work!!!!
My favorite find from my childhood is the Tammy doll I got from e-bay.So much better than any old Barbie!!!!
God bless,

JunkYard Gypsy

I just stumbled across one of these this weekend. I had one when I was a kid too. I thought it was just me who had no mechanical ability to knit, and all along it really was the darn machine!

Judy Mosher

I just bought a genie magic knitter, no instructions of course. :) if anyone has a manual or can send me a copy of one I would be happy to pay for it. Genie S120 and R120

thank you


I stumbled across your blog looking for info on knit king 'worlds finest automatic knitter'. My parents have 2 brand new in boxes that have never been used they are looking to unload. is there any other forums that anyone knows of where we could sell them? Might I ask what others have paid for theres?

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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