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October 14, 2009


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Carol M

I'm with you. I love old towns that look like parts of it are frozen in time. That looks like such a cute town.

Vintage Whimsy

What a charming town. My husband & I were in the Adirondacks last week & went through several towns just like this. Made me want to come back home to MD, pack my belongings and move immediately! So quaint & so different from where we live now.

Ann (protectorofvintage)

What a wonderful little town!!


What a cute little town!


I always fantasize about stumbling upon a vintage five & dime store that time never found. Must be 'cause of the wonderful Ben Franklin five&dime we always went to as a kid in the 60s. Penny candy in big glass jars was the best.


Oh, what heaven! I always think about my childhood accompanying my Mother or Grandmother to our local Woolworth store. Such beautiful memories, especially around Christmastime. They had the best reasonably priced decorations. I also enjoyed sitting at the lunch counter to have a grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks for jolting my memory.

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