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October 21, 2009


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Ah, at least you are ending the season with a bang! As for the grump at the church sale, snooze ya lose!


I am going to look in my drawers, I swear that Dozen a day book is mine, and the baby doll pattern #4727 is mind. I've been robbed!

Great shopping.

laurie magpie ethel

I am also lamenting the end of the season. At least you went out with a bang...I'm feeling a little fizzly here.


I'm with Suzy. Also, I had no idea that Head of the Class game was that cute.

Carol M

I had "Head of the Class" in the 60's. It was my favorite childhood board game. Seeing your pic brought back fond memories. Love all the items you picked. I can't blame the other lady who was disappointed you got all the good stuff -- I would have felt the same way. But that's the way it goes at those sales. You have to be quick. Good for you!


You and me both on Project Etsy. We should have a contest to see who gets there first (and no worries about too much overlap as we seem to collect different things). Why is life so complicated?!?! Good luck and I secretly hope you go first. That'll give me a kick in the patootie....

Helen Lopes

I just had to drop in to say you have given me several very enjoyable hours in what has not been a great week for me!
I read your entire blog and I love it!
I didn't realize there was someone else like me out there,lol!!
I collect vintage hat boxes,vintage CHRISTmas decorations and well,stuff!
Thank you so very much.
God bless,


Just found you via Oodles and Oodles. Love what you've got going on here. Etsy is super easy once you get set up and I'd be happy to provide all the hand-holding and moral support you need if that gets any of your amazing finds available for sale any faster. :-) I'd gladly wait in line for your sale to open. -amy


for the large elbowed woman at the church rummage sale... And WHAT is the point of going to a rummage sale if not to find "all the best stuff"... lol!

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