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October 31, 2009


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laurie magpie ethel

good luck at the Dome tomorrow! I have those same umbrellas - but I got mine at a local boutique in cute little handmade packages (she probably bought them at the grocery store and then marked them up!) They will be on my little halloween gals next year!


Oh I love those parasols!


I happened upon your blog while browsing for halloween related items , what a fun blog BTW!!!,
could you please tell me what grocery store you found the halloween parasols at? PLEASE!!! or who the company is that makes them?
Thank you so much!!!

Sandy McClay

Here I go again, writing a post in January of 2010, but....if you ever see these little halloween parasols again, could I ask a huge favor? Coudl you buy me some and I will pay you for your time and effort and the parasols and the postage and anything else you think I need to pay you for???? I LOVE THESE! Your grocery stor rocks! Thanks! Sandy Please some by and say hello!

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