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July 16, 2008


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two crazy crafters

Oohhhhh! I love the wrapping paper! How awesome! Don't those kind of finds just give you that happy euphoria that manages to get you through the work week? It does for me!
I loved going back and reading about your nemesis!
I feel so sorry for you! Some people can be so rude!

Reading about it reminded me of a time that I was at a day after Christmas sale waiting for Hallmark to open their doors to let us get to the half price ornaments and I got pushed over by a little old lady!


Oh, I have a nemesis too. Quite a few of them actually. They show up at every sale and are always first in line. They probably spend the night! You came home with fabulous stuff! Love that vintage wrapping paper especially. xo, suzy


Those NOEL girls are killing me they are so cute!


The pumpkins are fun, fun, fun!

I have a small collection of old cake toppers, so I have a soft spot for that couple.

Wish I knew how to get the glue off. Maybe acetone? Google might know?


I love everything you found especially the Christmas decorations, I always look out for them when I'm at the Car boot sales here in the UK, haven't seen any recently so maybe I'm due for a lucky find. I too have a nemesis, actually several, they bring out the worst in me and I go out of my way to avoid them in case I start elbowing them out of the way!!



Holy cow!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I love it all! The papers are my favorite!


Fabulous stuff! I especially love the bingo cards and boxes and chips. Why are old game pieces so appealing?

I've only run into her once, so I can't call her a "nemesis" exactly, but she snagged everything good thing out of an old sewing box at an estate sale recently, while I was trapped by the crowd just a few feet away. If I run into her again, then I think she'll officially move into "nemesis" status.


Wow, everything you got was FAB, it is so great when the stars align:)

bob gabbard

I have a set of the NOEL Pixies.. Want to sell them have any idea what they are worth Execellent condition no breaks chips etc..
Bob Gabbard

Kristine Marvich

Are you willing to sell the bingo cards? Not very computer savvy...2069207457. Many Thanks! Kristine

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